About Me

My name is Jennifer Malvagna and I am a design student from New Jersey. I have always wanted to help people. I was a Girl Scout for 12 years and I am in Omega Chapter of Omega Phi Alpha, the National Service Sorority, at my university. I have also been passionate about art my whole life. Design allows me to combine my two best qualities by having my creativity help others.
At school, I am able to take a large variety of classes that allows me to gain multiple skill sets in design and art. I have taken general fundamental art classes as well as learned different forms of printmaking ranging from screen printing to lithography to bookmaking. In my design classes we have done a variety of projects that covered packaging, posters, data visualization, programing, creating books and magazines, creating identities, photo manipulation, typography and more.
My particular interests include creating books and layouts. I love all of the small and important details that go into each page and section. I love making a whole book come together and flow through these small details. I also hugely believe in the idea that people do judge a book by its cover. So I believe it is so important to make sure a cover of a book is memorable, and represents the book in an eye catching way that would spark a viewer's interest. 
My Resume
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